Bringing Joy

ella tree Ella’s first Christmas.  Our first Christmas as parents.  At seven months old, she wasn’t exactly concerned about what Santa would be bringing, or sugar cookies, or what the count of gifts were under the tree.  {thank goodness}

To see Christmas through her observant eyes was such a joy and a reminder that the truest gift of Christmas are the memories shared.

The Mete family is definitely known for great, often hilarious, memories!  santalaughsThis year, Dad dressed up as Santa. Siena and Parker were not amused, Ella was curious, and the adults rolled off the furniture in laughter.  Pants, a bit too big, not to mention too short.  Mom, unsuccessful in “plumping” Santa with a pillow.  Tark’s silky bloomers..need I say more.

Ella’s Christmas Eve ended with a special gift from the East coast, a beautiful book of The Night Before Christmas.  With each turn of a page, we heard Grandma’s voice telling the story and sending her holiday wishes to Ella from New York!  So sweet, so special!

Joy * Joy * Joy


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