Birthing Alex

First Day TogetherOne can never fully understand the beauty of the female body, until one has experienced child birth.  Unfortunately this means that men will never have a full understanding, as they can only witness the miracle rather than experience the journey. And one must experience the journey…the fear, the joy, the trust of things known and unknown, the power, the raw moment of letting go.

My favorite quote by midwife (and friend) Veege Ruediger, during Alex’s birth was “Strong is good.”

As another contraction began, these three simple words were like a magical elixir, giving me strength, reminding me that my body was designed to give birth. Reminding me that the stronger the contraction the closer I was to meeting my beautiful baby boy.  Finally it reminded me that I AM STRONG.  That I can face my fear. I can embrace my joy. I can trust my being. I can let go and meet my deepest power.

Welcome Baby Alex.  Born June 4th at 11:18pm.  7 lb 2 oz.
Thank you for the lessons you have already begun to teach.

2 thoughts on “Birthing Alex

  1. Welcome Alex! Hayley, strong is good! I love how you are strongly creative, strongly passionate, strongly compassionate, strongly artistic, strongly present and a strong mama. Thanks for sharing!

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