Bread and Butter

IMG_7720Morning activity is always a fun way to start the day.  And who doesn’t like warm bread and homemade butter?  The kids helped measure, mix, and knead the bread.  Then Ella covered “her baby” with a tea towel and placed the bowl outside in a sunny spot to “sleep and grow”.  While the dough had a sleep, we made butter.  Shake. Shake. Roll. It became a game.  We sat on the living room rug (lid screwed on very tight) and took turns shaking the jar of cream and then rolling it to the next person.

It was like a morning of magic.  First the cream turned into butter, and then the small ball of dough, doubled in size.  Once the dough had grown, everyone received a piece and shaped their bread however they desired.  Bread got cooked on the BBQ.  The closest thing we had to a pioneer cook pit.   Then we played outside while the air began to smell of deliciousness.  Blanket in the shade.  Bread on the cutting board.  Their own knife to butter their own homemade bread.  Heaven.


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