Science Fun

Alex says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. When asked why he wants to be a scientist, he answers, “Because I’m curious every day!”

Since declaring this, he asks every morning if he can do his “daily experiment”.  Sometimes we have specific potions we plan to test out, and other times I just let him create and explore by himself.

This morning he asked me to type “biggest experiment in the world” into the computer, to see what we would find for inspiration.   Our exploration lead is to a YouTuber that goes by HelloMaphie.

HelloMaphie inspired us to hunt down a pack of M&Ms and a pack of Skittles, both not sold at the organic food co-op that we regularly shop at.

Once sourced, the decision was made that Ella would use the Skittles and Alex would use the M&Ms.  They each circled their plates with a ring of candy, and then slowly poured water into the center of the plate, until the water reached the rim, surrounding the candies.  Then we watched as the magic begun to happen. The color slowly bleeds off the candy and spreads outward, creating beautiful color patterns.



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