Cottage Cheese Waffles

Cottage Cheese Waffles: Yummy Protein Breakfast::

I’m always looking for new ways to provide my kiddos with a protein packed breakfast to start their day out right.  We often have some form of eggs.  But even I’ll admit that eggs get boring, no matter how many different ways you make them.    My mom makes a cottage cheese salad.  She has since I was a little girl.  And since I was a little girl, it’s the ONLY way I consume cottage cheese.   It’s just not an ingredient on my regular shopping radar.

Cottage Cheese Waffles: Yummy Protein Breakfast::

Or so it wasn’t, until I discovered that just a half a cup of cottage cheese has 14g of protein.   Naturally upon learning this I went straight to Pinterest and typed in ‘cottage cheese breakfast’, discovering this recipe by weelicious for Cottage Cheese Pancakes.  My kids love pancakes, but they could detect the cottage cheese lumps, and weren’t too excited about it.  So, I pulled out the Waffle Maker….SUCCESS!

Cottage Cheese Waffles: Yummy Protein Breakfast:: We use spelt flour in our house. “The gluten in spelt is water soluble; it is degraded by heat and is easily broken down by mixing action. Wheat gluten, in contrast, does not break down in water and only relaxes when exposed to heat and seems to get stronger as it is mixed – bakers refer to it as ‘developing the gluten’.” See this link for more details on the nutritional benefits of spelt flour.

This recipe calls for 1 cup of Cottage Cheese and 3 eggs, which of course come from our happy backyard chickens.   We drop blueberries onto the batter in the waffle maker before closing it up.  Yummers!  Enjoy.


Play in the Dirt.

IMG_6620 (2)Spring is in the air.

Dirt is under our fingernails.

We’ve been having dinner picnics nearly every night.  Then we play and dig, and breathe in the fresh blossom scented air until it’s time to jump in the bath and relax for the night.

Life is good.


Life is Peachy.


Summer is only complete when I’ve had sufficient quantities of corn on the cob, watermelon, berry crumble, and peaches. (This is only my edible list…and really, it has a few more items than listed, like endless amounts of blackberries freshly picked and directly consumed.)  Last summer went by and I realized I had missed farm-stand peaches.  Sure I could still purchase peaches at the local co-op, but the peaches you buy direct from the farmer at the side of the road, those are true summer peaches.  They include more than just peachy-flavor, they include experience and connection. Continue reading

Play to Sleep

park play

We’ve been traveling alot lately.  First we went to Eugene to visit family and escape the horrific smoke that filled our valley from all the wildfires.  We returned to find the smoke was still bad, so we rented a house on the Oregon Coast with some friends for a week.  Home for just a few days before we were off to New York to visit family and exhibit at the NY Now tradeshow in the city.  We are again home for a week before the annual Mete Family adventure to Sunriver.

No matter where we are though, home or traveling, one thing always stands consistent.  Continue reading

My Garden. My Soul.

photo(6) As a little girl in Southern California, my parents each year would help me plant my own patch of cherry tomatoes and strawberries.   My biggest childhood memories, though, are from exploring magical lands (aka grandparents’ gardens).

In England, Granddad had two gardens.  A smaller garden, tucked behind the shed, overflowed with cabbages, greens, and beautiful flowers.  His bigger garden,”the plot”, he would bike to.  He’d return before meal time smelling like a musty garden gnome and Nana would prepare an overflowing plate of vegetables with a side of meat for dinner (the midday meal).  Granddad never invited me to garden with him.  I simply explored by myself and enjoyed the harvest through Nana’s simple cooking. Continue reading

“Get Well” Popsicles


I’ve never felt such a motherly frustration as I have the past two weeks. Our daughter has had a mysterious sickness and has had no appetite. My normal amazing eater wanting nothing but grapes and berries….and I wanting nothing more than for her to eat. Anything.

I’ll spare you of my motherly woos, and tell you of a saving grace…Get Well Popsicles!! A blend of plain Greek yogurt, berries, coconut water, chia seeds, garden kale, and veggie powder.

Morning Imagining

teepee cuties

It all started with a breakfast picnic in the teepee, followed by a lion hunt, and then felt crown making…and all by 8 o’clock, in the morning!   A sweet start to our day.

For a great tutorial on making felt crowns, visit Hellobee.